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    T J Johansen

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    Hi folks,

    Have just joined this forum, and hope you might be able to help me with something. I'm looking for color photos of the Harvards that flew for the German government back in the 1960s (DLB?). I think they might be red like the Sea Furies, but not sure!

    T J

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Enclosed a link with only a small pic of the cockpit section of a Mk. IV (D-FABO) in the required paintscheme:

    The Harvards were flown by "Rhein-Flugzeugbau" in Mönchengladbach and modified for performing as 'target tugs' over the german Ostsee (Lübeck/Blankensee) for the Federal Ministry of Defense.

    There is also a famous german magazine for modelers and enthusiasts of all planes which were flown in the german luftwaffe called "F-40" (the editor is also a member of this forum):

    This magazine shows one single picture of the D-FABO in the required paint scheme.

    I also have a modelling magazine on 1979 which shows a colour drawing of the D-FABU and also a B/W-pics of the D-FABU and D-FABA.

    Here is a very interesting page of the Hawker Sea Furies - the same paint scheme was used here:

    As you can see it is very hard to find these rare pics of the Harvards...!

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    T J Johansen

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    Hi AT-6 and thanks for the welcome. I must say I like D-FABO in the Silver paint job. Very nice. I have seen the Sea Fury website, and it is great. Too bad you didn't get to keep a flyable one in Germany in those colors. That would have been something to see!

    T J

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    Yes, these former Luftwaffe Harvards were red; some other T-6s (in fact Texans) used by DLB were in a white scheme.

    CCF4- 550 53- 4631, AA+635(GermAF), D-FABA, (N73687), F-BRGB, F-AZAT

    CCF4- 499 52- 8578, AA+624(GermAF), D-FABE

    CCF4- 537 53- 4618, AA+628(GermAF), D-FABI, (N73688), F-BRGA, F-AZFC
    crashed 930121

    CCF4- 514 52- 8593, AA+603(GermAF), D-FABO
    crashed 880808 Rosenthal

    CCF4- 465 52- 8544, AA+615(GermAF), D-FABU
    on display in Berlin


    Benno Goethals, Netherlands

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    In a slide collection that I bought I found a picture of D-FABO in orange colours.
    While looking for information on this picture I came across your question. Reason to join the forum.

    Glad to help, albeit a bit late..

    (date, location and photographer unknown)
    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

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    Hey Hunter,

    Welcome to the forum, too :D

    That's a good shot - thanks for sharing this rare pic!

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    Hans Trauner

    Here another pic from July 1979, taken at Neumarkt/Opf., Bavaria. Then it was owned by Kunstflugschule Strössenreuther.

    Please forgive me the quality-all I had in 1979 was a "cassette"-Kamera and I took two pictures and glued them together...photoshoping in 1979...

    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

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    Hab auch noch welche aus Papa´s Diasammlung:
    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

  10. Hallo

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    Aufgenommen beim Flugtag Wershofen (Eifel) im Jahr 1977
    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

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    D-FABE is this time at EDGZ for LSV-Weinheim's Sommerfest

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