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    Visited Mildenhall last week (9th July) before going to Fairford. Saw the first visit of 07-7174 to Europe at 06.10 in the morning (visited Ramstein few days later).

    Hope you like him,
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    Nice visiting RC-135. One of the 25 visitors that day...

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    And one of the 5 visiting KC-135s....

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    There were total of 14 F-15s from LN. Here is one of them that was present at Mildenhall (although I took this the same morning when it landed at Lakenheath).

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    Had a very nice basevisit yesterday at the Hall. Despite the poor weather, we were able to take pictures of almost everything (only not special ops hercs....). Here's a complete log for the entire day (though I missed the WC-135 )

    79-0433 KC-10 cancelled mission
    86-0027 KC-10 dep14.50 to refuel
    87-0121 KC-10 dep11.30 to refuel
    84-0158 C-12F arr16.10
    93-0600 C-17A arr11.40
    69-5825 MC-130P on ramp
    69-5826 MC-130P on ramp
    69-5828 MC-130P on ramp
    88-1803 MC-130H on ramp
    58-0036 KC-135R dep11.25
    58-0086 KC-135R on ramp
    58-0093 KC-135R on ramp
    58-0100 KC-135R on ramp
    59-1513 KC-135T arr11.00
    60-0339 KC-135R on ramp (needs to be confirmed!)
    60-0355 KC-135R on ramp
    61-0305 KC-135R on ramp (McDill)
    61-2667 WC-135R dep06.50 arr 17.50(?)
    62-3519 KC-135R dep11.25
    63-7987 KC-135R on ramp
    63-8008 KC-135R
    63-8045 KC-135R dep11.10
    63-8879 KC-135R on ramp
    64-14828 KC-135R arr14.30
    N86 C-29A FAA dep11.30

    Plus the Turks all on ramps in front of tower (on their way back home from Red Flag):
    62-3563 all KC-135
    90031 all F-16C/D

    All in all not a bad day. When taxiing in at Schiphol, we passed a USAF C-17 01-0193, so a nice way to end a nice day

    Oscar Bosman / RH-Worldwide (c)

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    Here some pictures from the visit. They were taken on base, but with permission, also with permission to place on the web.

    First one: this is the badge of the "bloody 100" in remembrance of WWII.

    Oscar / RH-Worldwide
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    Second one: There were 6 Turkish F-16s and 2 KC-135s on base. Here 1 of the F-16s.
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    And here 2 of the 3 KC-135s together with a USAF KC-10 that was taxiing out.... Taken from the tower.
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    And the last one. One of the local KC-135s.

    Hope you like them,
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    This morning an EL B-1B diverted into Mildenhall. 2 others diverted back to Ellsworth.

    Nice one....

Mildenhall 2008

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