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    I am researching the Belgian Air Force in the fifties. One of the aircrfat used was the Hwker Hunter.
    The Belgian contract involved 192 aircraft but seperate of this contract there was a contract of 112 Hunters. These 112 Hunters were financed by the US government and were intended to pre-finance the production of the national contract. Of these aircraft 48 were to be assemnled with Fokker and 64 assembled by Fairey and Sabca. There is quite a lot of discussion as to who was supposed to receive these aircraft. The rebuilt Luftwaffe was given as a source, but I never found any destination country on the documets concerning this buy. Furthermore I do consider the number of aircraft as strange since it would impose a country that has an RAF structure and not a USAF one. The RAF standard strength per squadron was 16 a/c and the USAF 25 a/c. 112 gives 7 squadrons of 16 a/c.
    Is there anybody who has any information about a possible delivery of Hunters to the Luftwaffe?

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    There was no delivery of Hunters to the Luftwaffe.

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    I know but since the destination of the 112 Hunters poses a problem. I am just wondering if someone ever found a reference in any Luftwaffe publication. There are some publications amonsgt others the "German militairy Aviation" by Paul Jackson, and a book by the Belgian Gen Donnet ( who states that in discussions with Gen Kammhüber the generall told him he would refuse the Hunter) that both state the Luftwaffe was to receive these aircraft.

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    The Luftwaffe got aircraft from the MDAP-programm, initiated by the United States. These were American aircraft (F-84F) or even aircraft with American origin (Canadair Sabre Mk. V/VI). And for night/bad weather interception they got the Fiat-built F-86K Sabre with an radar above the intake.

    When the Luftwaffe got the aircraft, they alread knew that these planes had to be replaced by more modern types. Luftwaffe (with it's chief, General Josef Kammhuber) founded an evaluation group, which had to decide between the Mirage III, the F11F-1F and the then-chosen F-104G Starfighter.

    Three Luftwaffe pilots, Walter Krupinksi, Gerd Barkhorn and Herbert Wehnelt, were trained by the Royal Air Force and flew the Hawker Hunter but the Luftwaffe never wanted to buy these aircraft.

    Please correct me, if my statement is wrong.

Luftwaffe und die Hawker Hunter

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