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    Hello fellow forum members, I am a new member and live in the US, I'm now a disabled USAF veteran, but that has little or no bearing on being in this fine forum. While serving in the USAF my last assignment was to George AFB, CA at which time the GAF had a unit assigned (which I think is now on Holloman AFB, NM, I also was assigned there). My interest in this unit is primarily due to it at the time flying F-4F's, the easiest way to know they were GAF aircraft is the splinter paint scheme of a Dark Green and Dk Gray, or tothe tail numbers which all were AF XX-100-125 other than that they had USAF markings even to include the GA tailcode letters and US Armed Forces star and bars. Does anyone here have pictures of this units aircraft from that assignment, or know where they can me found. I would love to do model in this scheme, the markings or pretty much's the splinter pattern that I'm most interested in. Decals won't be much of a problem as there is Aftermarket stuff that can accomplish that..other than specific unit emblems that may be used If I remember correctly they were also the same as the 35TFW.

    I have also enjoyed, a few weeks in Germany on a 49thTFW deployment on exercise Crested Cap...which of course members of the Wing renamed with a name that didn't set to well with the upper echelon of command.

    C. Harris

    Danke, Diego I like this group very much!!!

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    welcome to the forum!
    I'm quite certain that pictures of this unit's aircraft can be found in one of Andreas Klein's excellent books on the subject of the Phanton II. Check out ;I'm sure other members of this forum will be able to give advice which titles in particular you should have a closer look at.

    The colour scheme these aircraft were painted in is called Norm 72, the pattern can be found here .

    Colours used are RAL 6014 'Gelboliv', RAL 7012 'Basaltgrau' and RAL 9006 'Weissaluminium' which can all be found in the Xtracolor product range, for example.

    kind regards and happy modeling!

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    try this one.

    Example: High Res

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    Thanks a million, Jurgen...that is precisely what I was looking for...Ich sprechen ze deutsh, aber..kleine..

    weidersehn...mein freund

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    Hi #1Bandit,

    hope we will see your model here in a rollout. I´m curious about it !

    Best regards from munich

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