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    Liebe freunden,

    Excuse me that my German writing is véry bad , but I would like to make my very first post here, and share some of the pictures I took in last years airshowseason. Hopefully this is the the right category.....
    During the entire year we have given around 28 guestphotographers a chance to go up with us in the air to take pictures. For the Sanicole/TigerMeet photowork my very appreciated guest was Katsu Tokunaga, thé master himself. It was just one of the many highlights of a succesfull year.

    And “yes” before you ask it, I will be able again to give many photographers a chance in the 2010 season to fly with us for photos. I will give some info at the bottom of the post.

    Okay, let's fly ;-)

    <Mod-Edit> Please upload your pics in the FF. Don´t use picture databases. Thanks. </Mod-Edit>

    then take a look at our website It's our pleasure to invite you to the Photoflying Days in may, an informal event organised by pilots and photographers, for pilots and photographers: the main theme is flying for pictures of course!
    We expect a lot of aircraft to visit us, and we have already some really huge surprises ;-)

    The Photoflying Days goes hand in hand with our first Air-to-Air Academy courses, where we give the new guestphotographers a chance to fly with us. If you like the idea, just email me for more info.

    Fielen dank und Greetz from Belgium, Eric

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    Wow, wow, wow, Fantastic set of pictures

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    Hi Eric,
    Glad to meet you here!
    Check out the category "Foto & Film" and than "selbsgeschossene air to air"
    This might fit very well for your pictures. There, I also dropped a note regarding your event! Can't wait, that you show people in FF how to do perfect air to air!
    Take care,


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