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    I finally finished my first starfighter drawing

    A 1963 Fokker built F-104G C/N 683D-8044 coded JA-240 at JG-71 "Richthofen" as it appeared in April 1964. This machine served actively until 15th of august 1967 when it overran the runway and all of it's gears broke off. Pilot rescued but aircraft struck of charge subsequently. The aircraft was used as a instructional airframe at Kaufbeuren AB and Neuburg AB untill finaly being scrapped in 1988.

    I will be drawing more metallic Luftwaffe machines as well as some of the Luke AFB machines. Also I got some great photo's from Done_deal / Tobias of a MB ejection seat so I can do later Luftwaffe Starfighters too Really looking forward to doing more paintscheme's, there are so many cool ones

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    Another example of NMF early Luftwaffe F-104

    Not quite sure if it would have a flight logo in the red band on the nose, I can't get a good picture of it better then what I have allready found on

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    Avatar von done_deal
    Very nice drawing.
    Keep up your good work.



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    Avatar von H.-J.Fischer
    wonderful Drawings!


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    Avatar von Soulfreak
    nice drawings! ;-)
    Keep it up!

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    Zitat Zitat von Yellow Cab Beitrag anzeigen
    Hey Lieuwe,

    first I want to say that your drawings are pretty nice! I took a look in the standard German F-104 book, "German Starfighters" by Klaus Kropf and on page 35 there is a picture of a F-104G, DC-107(?) from Büchel's Ghost squadron which has the Ghost badge in the red band on the nose. I would post it here but unfortunately it is not possible due to the copyright. Hope I could help you!

    Kind regards,
    Yellow Cab
    Hallo Lieuw,
    zuerst möchte auch ich sagen, dass mir Deine Zeichnungen auch sehr gut gefallen! Ich habe schnell im Standardwerk zur F-104 nachgeschaut, "Deutsche Starfighter" von Klaus Kropf, und auf Seite 35 ist ein Bild der F-104G DC-107(?) der 1. Staffel JaboG 33 (Geisterstaffel), die das Staffelwappen im roten Band führt. Ich würde das Bild hier auch einstellen, aber ich besitze leider nicht das Copyright zu dem Bild. Ich hoffe, ich konnte Dir trotzdem helfen!
    Freundliche Grüße, Yellow Cab
    Hi Yellow Cab,

    I've order that book this morning after being recommended it! It sounds great, I want to draw metallic Marineflieger machines too and I hear it has some photo's of those as well. I have finished two machines but I have to figure out how to post pictures here. first!

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    Here is one, I hope it works.
    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

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    Dachte dies ist ein Deutscher THread.

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    It's not a problem if people post in german, I can understand german just fine but I am really bad at speaking / writing german so it would probably be even harder to understand me then when I post in english. You would get the Louis van Gaal effect ;)

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F-104 Starfighter drawing

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