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    Aviation PhotoCr

    On behalf of the Centennial Team and the Turkish Airforce, we would like to invite all the aviation enthousiasts and photographers to take part in the very first Spottersday in Turkey.

    This event will take place in the same week as the 100th Anniversary Airshow, "Air Show Turkiye 2011" at Cigli Airbase, near Izmir.

    There will be two dates where we would like to welcome the spotters; on friday june 3th for the arrivals and rehursals of that day, and on monday june 6th for the departures.
    The spottersday will become a worldclass event for all the aviation enthousiasts, with a very attractive package, and superb locations at the airbase to take your pictures.

    More information will be posted in time, but here is a little teaser just to warm you up:

    You will be able to photograph nearly every type in the inventory of the Turkish Airforce.
    Foreign participation is very broad and exciting, and the first 4 countries with aircraft participation for you are: Greece, Algeria, Belarus and Pakistan.

    In coorporation with the Izmir Tourist Board, there will be special rates offered to all spotters for accomodation; more info on this subject later.

    Sorry for not writing in German language, but the official registration form on the website will only be in Turkish and English.

    greetz, Eric
    Aviation PhotoCrew

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    Hi Eric,

    That is great news!! I presume you are in direct contact with the Turkish HQ, as their website isn't mentioning the spottersdays at this time. Do you know when they intend to open registrations for it?


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    Aviation PhotoCr

    Hello Sjoerd,

    Yes I certainly am in direct contact: infact I'm a member of the Centennial Team and responsible for the spotterdays set-up.

    The website for registrations should be online first ( among a number of other sites like airshow, F-16 demo ,... ) because I realise spotters make their travelplans well in advance. I hope it can be done by the end of this month.

    greetz, Eric

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    Thanks for the reply and great to hear you are onboard the Centennial Team, that would certainly have a good input for all enthusiast and photographers! Good luck with the preparations and hope to see you there!

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    Avatar von warzenschwein
    Hi Eric,

    what about some news about the participants at Airshow Turkiye 2011, International Spotterdays?

    Best Regards, Christian

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    Aviation PhotoCr

    Hello everybody,

    Sorry to keep you waiting for a while, but please understand that it's the first time we'll have real spotterdays in Turkiye and we do our very best to create some fantastic arrangements for all our guests.

    We have taken all ideas & suggestions send to us in account and for sure you will be very happy with the result.

    In this post I am pleased to give you a first update on participants;

    Turkish Airforce:

    As mentioned before all types of the large inventory will be present at Izmir. There will be a lot of T-37 & T-38 action as well, as I understood this was high on the wishlist of many spotters. You will see some of the brand new aircraft such as the KT-1 and Boeing Wedgetail.


    Orlik Team ( 9 x PZL-130 )

    Wings of Storm ( 6 x PC-9 )

    United Kingdom:
    Red Arrows

    C-27, 2x IAR-99

    An-26, Mig-29

    F-16, K-8, JF-17

    More updates will follow after the EAC convention in two weeks.

    Greetz, Eric

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    Aviation PhotoCr

    In response to the many questions regarding airbase lay-out;
    we know very well that as keen photographers you would like to be positioned close to the action and with the sun in your back...all day!

    Depending winddirection, in the morning spotters will be offered a good spot along the taxitrack close to the landing/take-off point on the runway.

    In the afternoon we move our guests to the opposite side of the runway, to have a equal exciting view again with the sun in a favourable position.

    We will supply you an attractive spotterspackage ( price still TBD, but very much in line with other major spotterdays ) including drinks, lunchbox and some souvenirs of the Turkish Airforce. Once the website is online ( planned within a few weeks ) everybody can directly order tickets trough an easy pre-payment system.

    Greetz, Eric

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    Aviation PhotoCr

    For all the aviation enthousiats who will travel to Izmir for the airshow and hope to see some new airshowacts, we are very pleased to provide you some more information of the very first Turkish Airforce F-16 solo display.

    In the 2011 season the F-16 will be flown by Major Murat Keles. Much appreciated advice and preparation for the displayteam was given by the Royal Netherlands you will see a very dynamic presentation of the F-16, smokewinders & flares inclusive!!

    The display aircraft will not be an aircraft in operational colours, but a FULLY special painted F-16! It's not gonna be just red & white as many of you might have guessed, but the basic colour is pitch black with a large golden moon & star of the Turkish flag underneath the fuselage. A very stylish design is applied on top of the F-16 with a brilliant golden eagle on each side of the tail.
    The roll out of the display F-16 is planned for early april and of course we will post some pictures of this event right here!

    Greetz, Eric

Airshow Turkiye 2011, International Spotterdays

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