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    Hey Gang,

    I finished my 1/32 hog few days ago and I thought I share it with you guys. I build a 2 seater that did not go into production cause the USAF didn't care much for it at the time. Now, they sure wish they had ordered few. Anyway, I build it as What If Arctic Hawg. I think it looks good but let me know what you all think. Enjoy !!

    Ca. USA

    Note: As it was kindly suggested by my new friend to post 1 pic per post. In doing so it don't get lost in the forum. I'm going to change my original post a little Thank you.

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    Avatar von Zimmo
    hi mike!!!!

    great's really a beautiful warthog


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    Augsburg Eagle

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    Well done, Mike
    Looks like a realy Hog. What a model is this?


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    F-14A TomCat

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    Hey Mike, you really did a great job!!!
    The Two-Seater isn´t my favorite, but this one looks awesome!

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    Avatar von Mike1975
    Thanks Guys, I'm not a big fan of the family model as well but I had the kit and did not wanted to do it out of the box scheme. So, a light bulb went off (ting) and out came the Arctic Hawg idea as a what if.

    AE, this is the Trumpeter 1/32 A-10A N/AW

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    Well done, Mike!

    The Double Seater A-10 for me is one of these kind of models, placing in the Top 10 of "Never ever on my workbench" (just beaten by the Eurofighter ;) )

    But the result of your efforts is stunning! I realy like the paint scheme which just let me feel freezing. :D

    Even this is a German Forum, I hope to see some more results of you Work-Bench Time in the future!



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    Avatar von Jeti-Lars
    Hi Mike,

    well done. i like the Ferrari sticker

    cheers from Tx.

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    Mike, this is one beautiful Warthog! I already saw it on Hyperscale and I have to admit that the result is simply stunning. Is the scheme fictional?
    By the way, I think next time you should try to upload the photos to the forum (1 pic per post) instead of using links in order to avoid that the photos disappear in the future.

  10. Hallo

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    The Hog looks really fine!
    And yes,more of these models!

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    Avatar von Scratch
    Hi Mike!
    Congrats to you. Your A-10A looks really nice and you did an awesome paintjob!


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A-10A N/AW Warthog "Ugly but well hung"

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