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    I need to know from which type of Bf-109 "?" was following information plate (from gearbox ???) as below:

    Gerät-Nr.: 9-13005 C-7
    Änderungen : 11
    Werk Nr.: 11029
    Herstelle: bm

    where "bm"- probably mean:
    bm - AEG-Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft, Abeteilung Zaehlerfabrik, Berlin

    This will be very important information because we going to inform WaSt about crashed BF109 "?" and found KIA pilot (probably from JG3 from airfield Pinnow - but not confirmed).

    On the one of Russian forum I have found following information:

    "...«Обычно» встречаемые варианты номеров редукторов VDM для DB 605 А-С это 9-13005 С или 9-13005 С-4. ..."

    ( ...<<usually>> we can meet following versions of numbers gearboxes VDM for
    DB 605 А-С --> 9-13005 С or 9-13005 С-4
    ... )

    so I think it can help us at identyfication also type of main engine and by the way type of aircraft Bf 109 "?" ( seems to be version G or K ) but who of you know something more ? (there were: G-1 .... G-14, 14/AS , ... till K-4)

    (Note: on the place was ammo: 13 mm and 20 mm)

    I will be very luck if you try to help us (also for my collegues from team).

    Best regards,

    Kris aus Stettin/Szczecin Poland

    PS- here is technical detail drawing for similar device but earlier versions:
    see the left corner up - similar Gerät-Nr.

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    I have found following information:

    Me 109G-1 through G-4: DB 605A-1

    Me 109G-5/G-6: DB 605A-1, AM, AS, ASM, (ASB, ASC ?)

    Me 109G-8: DB 605A-1, AM, (others ?)

    Me 109G-14: DB 605A-1, AM, AS, ASM, (ASB, ASC ?)

    Me 109G-10: DB 605D, (D-2 ?), DB, DC

    Me 109K-4: DB 605DC, ASC (others ?).

    The Luftwaffe page , Daimler-Benz DB 605

    Is it possible agree type of Bf109 if we will get type of main engine conected with our gearbox with Gerät-Nr.: 9-13005 C-7 ???

    Best regards,

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    Zitat Zitat von KrisJG3 Beitrag anzeigen
    with our gearbox with Gerät-Nr.: 9-13005 C-7 ???

    this was the latest version of the "VDM-Verstellgetriebe" and it was used in late "AS" and "D" Engines.
    Angehängte Grafiken Angehängte Grafiken

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    Thanks ---> Bf 109G-10: DB 605D,

    Today I have found next plate:

    (probably: Gerät-Nr.: ........ 0
    Werk Nr.: 490362
    Hersteller: mcu

    mcu : Erla Maschinen Werke G.m.b.H, Flugzeugbau, Leipzig N 24, Wer 1, Heiterblick 17 d

    So they produced:
    Bf 109G-10/R6 <- mcu

    Can you on base: Werk Nr.: 490362

    check MIA pilot name ?

    Some BF109-G10
    was with similar Werk Nr.:

    12/12/44 Gefr. Kurt Nickel
    2./JG 3 Bf 109 G-10
    Black 13 Combat


    1/01/45 Obgfr. Siegfried
    3./JG 3 Bf 109 G-10
    Yellow 1

    Source: Missing In Action - JG 3

    Fresh information :

    Info. from my collegue - team " POMORZE1945":

    45.03.03. 490362 100% I./JG 3

    but who he was ? Pilot name = ?????

    Akce 10. PRG nad

    Thanks for support.

    Update 17.05.2012

    Just now we have pilot name from BF109 G-10 with Werk # 490362, aircraft belong to:

    Rabeler, Günther Uffz ; I/JG-3 (Reich Def Ost) Bf 109G-10 ; Werk # 490362 ; (lost 3/3/45) ; Fighter Operational Clasp ; MIA 3 March, 1945, cause and location not reported.

    - he was from Staffel 2./JG (new) - (Stab I./JG3)

    Now only "DNA test" can confirm who was inside BF109 G-10 with Werk # 490362.

    So this fighter was probably with engine: DB 605D

    Technical data plate:

    Here is last airfield of Bf 109 G-10 with WNr. 490362:

    Best regards,

    PS- please let me know how add picture of technical data plate from BF109 by panel of this forum.
    (I dont know German language).

German wrack from Karsbach / Hinzendorf) Pommeren ( Hitted Feb. - March1945).

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