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    Good afternoon,

    I'm searching for detailed information ( pictures ) from heliport Kiel.
    Who can provide me pictures from infrastructure ? ( Hangars etc. )
    Would like to receive these, in order to be able to create the best result.

    Hopefully someone can assist me !

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Schau dir mal die beiden Links an:
    diesen Bestseller und die Flugzeug-Kategorie

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    Whisky Papa

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    For a start: google...

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    A nice option suggestion.
    I've tried it before posting at this board. Not much info on infrastructure can be found.

    Regards, Rene

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    mike november

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    Actually, if that is an option, the premises should be accessible if you ask kindly and tell the guards what your intention is. Imaginary on google earth is a good hint as well.

    If you use Microsoft FSX, there is apretty detailed scenery of ETMK available as well. ;)

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    for general heliport information, try this one here

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    Thanks to all !

    It has given me some "hands" to get the requested info.

    Grtz, Rene

Req ; Kiel-Holtenau Heliport information fur modellbau

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