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    Dear All,

    First I am french and I apologize not to speak a correct german although I can understand it a little.
    I hope my english is better !
    My research is about the french aviator Jules Védrines who did a raid Paris-Nancy-Cairo from october to december 1913.
    As he was doing that raid from his own, french press only begin to publish consistant articles on him just at the end of his raid.
    What is know is that he landed at Aspern-Vienna on 21 october 1913. There he got a little incident with a pilot-learner who damaged
    at least one wing (it is what is known from french source), after fixing his airplane and waiting for a better weather he flew to Belgrade on october 25th. He was drinving a Blériot XI-2 special he gots from Roland Garros who gave it to him at the end of september. The plane was a very special one because it has been conceived for height records with commands derived on the rear place and the front place has been transformed with additional tanks and recovered. So, the look is quite unique. I look in FugSport end of 1913 were he was not friendly welcome. But ... I am desperatly looking for data, article(s), picture(s) speaking from his stop at Aspern at the end of november 1913. May be someone can route me on a local source to a museum of local press archive.

    Best regards,
    Thierry Matra

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    Hello Thierry Matra,

    in fact he was not allowed to leave Nancy in October 1913 by the French authorities, "Neues Wiener Journal" claimed this in October 1913!

    They probably knew he would try to fly over Germany without permission but offically he was probably told by the French military that Nancy itself was a "forbidden military zone" and fly-overs for foreigners and Frenchmen alike forbidden.

    According to "Neues Wiener Journal" (21 November 1913) he landed in Prague (Prag) on 20 November 1913,
    see: ÖNB/ANNO AustriaN Newspaper Online

    Later he flew to Aspern, see: ÖNB/ANNO AustriaN Newspaper Online

    You should search this digital paper for further information.

    I hope this helps.

    Very best regards


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    Hi Koflheim5,

    Thank you for the data and newspaper links.
    I am progessing !

    Best regards,

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    You are welcome! I wish you success with your project!

Vienna november 1913 - Jules Védrines

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