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    Hello everyone

    I am currently in an internship for Flightlogger ApS where I have to write a final report in relation to my education. In this regard I was hoping to gather some data from aviation forums like this with the help from the readers. If you don't mind and have a few minutes to spare I would very much appreciate if you keep reading and answer the questionnaire at the end. I need input primarily from private and commercial pilots, people studying to become a pilot, flying instructors and personnel involved with ATO’s and AOC’s however all other with interest are also more than welcome to help out.

    Flightlogger is an "All-in-One" software solution designed for ATO's and AOC's via cloud technology that eliminates tedious paperwork which helps the flight academies save time and the students gain a better education. Flightlogger enables all training documentation to be available to all the involved parties, on smartphones, tablets and computers for pilot students, instructors and the administration of flight academies.

    The system includes an online booking system that synchronizes with personal calendars, a grading system on passed lessons, easy accessible learning material, automated statistics on everything from cancelled bookings, flights, student records, production reports, instructor statistics, reports on the aircraft statistics and much more.
    The system is being used by a number of flight academies in Northern Europe and is expanding at pace.

    For more information please visit

    If you are still reading please spend 1-2 minutes on answering the questions in the link below.

    If you have any questions feel free to post them here and I will answer them as quickly as possible.
    I apologize for the English but my German is not very good.

    All information gathered is anonymous and will not be used publicly. It is only for internal use in regards to my final exam in my education.

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    Held og lykke, det er et hårdt omkæmpet marked....

Looking for help in regards to my final school exam

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