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    2014 ist das Team "Wings of Storm" = "Krila Oluje" unter anderem im Rahmenprogramm des RedBull Airrace in Rovinj aufgetreten.

    Croatian Demo Team "Wings of Storm" = "Krila Oluje" leave Croatia.


    Pilots of the Demo Team and members of the Croatian Air Force, decided that because of better chances outside of Croatia, they will leave the Armed Forces together.


    This news shocked the Armed Forces and airshow fanatics as well. Pilots of the 93. Air Base decided to leave the Air Froce, six pilots all together. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Defence, saying that a civilian operator from the Middle-East reached the pilots for creating a civilian team, and that the MOD cannot compete with this offer. No country was named at the moment. The biggest problem is, about this news is that all pilots are well trained and they also work as intructors as well.

    The Ministry however said that the six pilots leave will not affect trainings at the Air Base. It is not known if the name "Wings of Storm" will be used again in Croatia or by another Demo Team.

    One source said, that the country might be Oman, whose Air Force's pilots just recently trained at Zadar AFB.

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Kroatisches Kunstflugteam "Wings of Storm" = "Krila Oluje" wird aufgelöst

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