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    Last July we went to Colombia.
    Main goal for the trip was the F-AIR 15 airshow at Rionegro airbase, near Medellin.
    Before and after the show we visited several bases and locations in and around Bogota.

    Below a few pictures of this succesful trip.

    1) On our first full day we visited Villavicencio. After an eventfull coachride we spend the biggest part of the day on this civil airfield, known for operating one of the largest fleets of props. Amongst others, we saw 17 former mil C-47s, several Antonovs and this visiting SATENA ATR.

    2) HK-3292 is going full throttle down the runway for a smooth take-off. This fy43 vintage C-47A would also be our taxi for an hour long flight over the impressive forrests later that day.

    3) View from the left hand seat of HK-3292

    4) View from the left hand seat of HK-3292

    5) Not all C-47s are ready to fly, as is this former Colombian Air Force FAC1123, now HK-3199.

    6) In the morning it was very bad weather and our C-47 flight was delayed. In the mean time we drove a little bit further south to drive past Apiay - Luis F Gomez Nino AB. A visit on base was not possible, but we could take a few shots from the T-33A serving as gate guard.

    7) On the second full day we visited Tolemaida. A huge army complex with a large airfield. It houses the majority of the UH-1H-II, UH-1N, UH-60i & L and Mi-17 fleet of the army. As was noticed at all the places we visited, the welcome was very hospitable and we received 'all access tickets' for the airfield. EJC4210 is former Canadian Forces 135131, and hovered to its landing spot very close to us.

    8 ) EJC2151, one of 26 Black Hawks we saw this day, comes in after its mission. In the front UH-60L EJC2186 who is awaiting some maintenance.

    9) The Black Hawks have an easier way to their parking spot. No need to hover, just taxi.

    10) The Mi-17 maintenance hangar held all three variants operated by the Colombians. This is an Mi-17-1V, other versions are the Mi-17V5 and Mi-17MD.

    11) EJC5430 was an old friend for me. Noted as UH-1V 73-21666 in storage at New Orleans in May 1997. Now upgraded to UH-1H-II and more alive than ever.

    12) Another old friend was EJC5431. Previously seen with the 107th MedCo OH ArNG at Akron - Canton airport in September 2000. Now undergoing some maintenance at Tolemaida.

    13) Not a lot of armed forces operate the Aero Commander. One of the reasons to venture of to Colombia. During our stay we saw three different Army Aero Commanders.

    14) The Ce208 is great workhorse for all element of the Colombia armed forces, Air Force, Navy, Army and Police. This EJC-1138 was captured in the last light of the day whilst leaving the airfield. It visited twice that day. We also saw it at Rionegro and twice at Bogota.

    More to follow soon

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    Hi fire28, hope to see you in the US.
    We need two more people to let this trip go ahead. So if any of you is interested...

    Here is part two of our trip in Colombia.

    15) On our third day we went to the northern part of Bogota. The Policia Nacional de Colombia were ours host at Guaymaral airport. Hangar 2 held three Black Hawks and this unmarked VIP Bell 412EP PNC-0801. The immaculate looking hangar is something you will encounter everywhere with the armed forces.

    16) Half of the PNC Ce208 fleet on the ramp. These versatile aircraft are being used all over the country.

    17) Still looking tough and ready to go. Two green camo and one light grey UH-1H-II in front of hangar 3.

    18) Slowly replacing the Bell 206 with the PNC is a new fleet of Bell 407. Five are known to be on strength, all five were seen.

    19) Also the smaller fixed wing fleet is based at Guaymaral. This PA-31-325 was impounded from drug traf****ers in 2009 and has been successfully used since.

    20) Besides the VIP Bell 412 in the hangar this presidential VIP UH-60L Halcon was also noted whilst it came overhead, closely followed by a security Mi-17-V5

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