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    Am 5. Juli findet in Hamburg ein Vortrag zum Thema Pilotentraining statt. Anschließend gibt es eine Diskussion.

    The RAeS Hamburg Branch invites you to the Third Annual Gerhard Sedlmayr Lecture and RAeS 150th Anniversary Event which will take place on Tuesday, 5 July 2016 at 18:30.

    Title: Training for Resilience

    Lecturer: Capt. David Owens FRAeS, Senior Director, Flight Crew Training Policy, Airbus

    Location: Airbus Conference Centre (ACC), Airbus, Finkenwerder

    Date & Time: Tuesday, 5 July 2016 at 18:30 (coffee and snacks available from 18:00).

    Lecture in English

    David Owens will describe the changes in flight crew training which he feels necessary to generate such “Resilience” defined as “the ability to recognise, absorb and adapt to disruptions”.
    David emphasises that the basis of such qualities starts with careful candidate selection and goes on to describe possible scenarios during simulator training. To ensure that the correct standards apply across the industry, he considers that crews should be trained to the aircraft manufacturer’s Standard Operating Procedures – this will become essential in future when it is estimated that 15,000 newly qualified pilots will be required each year worldwide

    David Owens graduated from Plymouth University with a Bachelor of Science, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and holds a Master’s degree from the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield. As Senior Director Flight Training Policy, he is responsible for defining Airbus' global training policy and strategy.
    He currently flies the Airbus A320, A330 and A380 family of aircraft and was also qualified to fly the Boeing 737. Before joining Airbus David worked with bmi British Midland as Airbus Training Manager and then as Chief Training Captain, easy.Iet.

    The lecture will be followed by a round-table discussion to address the issues raised in the lecture. The following experts will participate:
    • Capt. David Owens, Airbus
    • David Learmount, Aviation Journalist, Consulting Editor FlightGlobal (who will moderate the discussion)
    • Capt. Manfred Müller, Flight Safety Research, DLH
    • Lt. Col. Helmut Henk, Gemeinschaft deutsche Transportflieger (GdT)
    • Chris Parsons, Chief Engineer, Technical Authority Air Safety, Atkins
    • Capt. Nils Bartling FRAeS, Director Flight Ops., TUIfly

    Details zur Anmeldung (ist Airbus Gelände) hier:

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Vortrag und Diskussion: "Training for Resilience"

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