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    Sprache: Englisch

    Autor: Damien Lewis

    Deemed “the most advanced and significant weapons system to enter service with the British Army”, by the Ministry of Defence, the iconic Apache attack helicopter is unlike any other weapons platform in history. Designed to seek out its targets at low level, with all the refined senses of a top predator, this ferocious hunter-killer is one of the most costly weapons systems ever utilised by the armed forces. Enabling its pilots to get up close and personal with their targets, the Apache has heralded a new dawn in combat, as played out in the rugged terrains of Afghanistan.

    Damien Lewis has been given access to the Army Air Corps’ finest Apache pilots to tell their stories. Deployed to Afghanistan from May to September 2007, this elite band of warriors, operating under the call-sign Ugly, engaged in a relentless series of operations which stretched the aircraft, and themselves, to the very limit. In Apache Dawn Lewis takes the reader to the heart of an exhausting series of unrelenting combat missions, wherein the pilots pitted their grit and fortitude, and the aircraft’s unrivalled technology, against a cunning and astute enemy determined to shoot them down.

    Including details of previously unreported missions, Lewis takes the reader to the core of the conflict. Apache Dawn gets under the skin and close to the hearts and minds of the airmen of flight Ugly, revealing what it is like to fly the Apache and to operate its awesome array of weaponry, exploring what drives the men involved to extremes of heroics and daring, and examining the emotional strain they face as a consequence of their actions.

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    Na das ist doch mal eine Vorstellung wie man sie sich wünscht. Man weiß wie das Buch aussieht, wie viele Seiten es hat, wie der Bezug ist, was es kostet und ob einen ein Bilderbuch, eine geschichtliche Abhandlung, eine Monografie oder was auch immer erwartet. KLASSE. :HOT:

    Was soll bitte sowas??? :mad:
    Monitor gefällt das.
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    Technischer Zeichner
    Mehr Infos (auch in deutsch) dazu wären hier schon angebracht. Titelbild und evtl. ein paar zusammenfassende Worte deinerseits.:!:
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    ...Damien Lewis has been given access to the Army Air Corps’ finest Apache pilots to tell their stories.
    Deployed to Afghanistan from May to September 2007...

    Na steht doch eigentlich alles drin, aber gut, das Buch erzählt eine "True Story" vom ersten Afghanistan Einatz des britischen "662 Squadron Army Air Corps".
    Am Anfang des Buches wird kurz über die "Charakterien" der Pilot's und deren "Werdegang" berichtet (...Baz Hunter was a typical recruit. He'd left school at sixteen with only the barest of qualifications and spent a short period working in a factory. Joinig the Army was his route out of that humdrum existence. Accepted into Junior Leaders regiment, he had raised merry hell and spent more time in the goal than out of it. At first, there were doubts that would make the grade as an adult soldier. The goal had been my second home. Then I got into the Corps and quickly began to grow up and calm down. While I was still a ground crewman, this guy took me on a flight up to Leeds. By the time we landed I knew that I wanted to be a pilot. But when I went for selection I was told I was too fat, plus I failed my maths test. "The interviewing officer told me that if I lost weight, then they'd put me onto a crewman's course - the first step to becoming a pilot. After three months of living on tomatoes and grapefruit juice, I failed maths again but was thin enough to scrape in, and they said they would take me "on risk". I ended up as an air observer in Gazelles, doing navigation, and then I became a TOW missle operator on the Lynx. Joining the Army was a dicision I never regret".
    Some thirty years later, Baz was the Regimental Qualified Helicopter Instructor for 3 Regiment, Army Air Corps and one of the most experienced Apache pilots in the Corps...
    ), sowie die Vorbereitung für den Afganistaneinsatz mit der "Exercise Kush Dragon" auf dem Üb.-Gelände Salibury Plain (UK) und "live firing" in Gila Bend (Arizona).
    Desweiteren gibt das Buch Informationen über das Waffensystem AH-64 D "Apache" und desen Waffen AGM 114 "Hellfire" CRV7 2.75 inch rocketts (HEISAP, flechette) sowie der chain gun M230 30mm ( .. the canon fires some six-hundred high explosive rounds per minute, from a 1200round magazine. It is capable of destroying targets from more than four thousand metres's distance. I t utilises a highly reliable, electrically-driven chain mechanism to load rounds, and the gun turret can swivel through ninety degrees to either side of the aircraft. ...)

    more coming soon :D

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    Größtenteils wird über die Crew von Flight UGLY erzählt, ihre Missionen und Taktiken, sowie die "Probleme" mit ROE's, die ihr Gegner kennt und für seine Zwecke "geschickt" nutzt.
    (Day 22 ... "We realised that enemy tactics were about change," remarks Steve. "And that stakes were gong up, up, up."
    No sooner had that early-morning briefing finished than the flight were scrambled to respond to troops in contact (TIC) to the north of Sangin. Trouble was flaring up again in the Upper Sangin Valley. Greenpeace Flight were already providing close air support to a unit of British soldiers there, and flight Ugly were tasked to go in and relieve their fellow Apache aircrews over the battlefield.
    In twenty minutes the aircraft were airborne and heading northwards towards the battle zone. As Baz worked out the quickest route to the location of the TIC, a call came over the radio. A second firefight had flared up just north of Gereshek and flight Ugly were orderd to reroute to that one.
    At first light the Worcesters and Foresters had pushed a probing patrol into Upper Gereshek Valley. The vanguard had been hit by massive barrage of mortars, RPG and gun fire. There was already a T1 casualty and one British soldier was dead. Corporal Paul 'Sandy' Sandfort had been killed in action during the first minutes of the battle, just outside the mud-walled village of Mulla Abdur Rahim Kalay.
    Baz plotted a course to this new location, way to the south and in the opposite direction from Sangin, and the pair of Apaches did a swift about-turn. As the two aircraft neared the battleground the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) on the ground, call-sign Widow Seven Nine, could be heard talking to a pair of british Harrier jets that were inbound to this location. The tension in the Widow's voice was clear as he tried to make himself heard over the pounding of explosions in the background.
    The two Harriers, Recoil Four One and Recoil Four Two, were passed the coordinates of an enemey mortar unit. But as the Harriers went in to attack they were forced to abort their bombing run. The Taliban had set up their mortar tubes in the midst of a crowed of women and children, knowing full well that the British warplanes would be unable to attack for fear of killing civilians. It was a tactic that was not unheard of in Helmand, and it was to become all the more common as the day wore. ...)


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    Die so ziemlich wichtigste Info fehlt... wie isn die ISBN-Nummer von dem Teil?
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    * Taschenbuch: 384 Seiten
    * Verlag: Sphere (19. Februar 2009)
    * Sprache: Englisch
    * ISBN-10: 0751541915
    * ISBN-13: 978-0751541915
    * Größe und/oder Gewicht: 19,6 x 12,7 x 2,8 cm
    Preis: 8€
    Quelle: Amazon

    ist das Buch Sachbuch oder Roman? Empfehlenswert?
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    Dieses Buch handelt von einer "True Story" über den Einsatz in Afghanistan, es zeigt den Einsatz aus der Sichtweise der Crew's, es gibt Einblicke in die fliegerischen Verfahren, zeigt aber auch die "Schattenseiten" dieses Einsatzes bzw. Job's.
    Es ist kein Roman, aber interresant für die, die sich für diese Art von Hubschraubereinsätze interresieren, ich würde sagen, das der Stil ähnlich ist wie Chickenhawk (Huey in Vietnam).


    Lesebeispiel Chickenhawk

    Lesebeispiel Apache Dawn
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